Knit 2 Together by Mel Clark Tracey Ullman Hardcover (New)

Knit 2 Together by Mel Clark Tracey Ullman Hardcover (New)


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The multitalented Ullman now graces audiences with another gift: a funny and accessible book on knitting, co-written with the owner of her local Santa Monica, Calif., yarn store. Ullman's been knitting for three years, and Clark, a New Zealander, is her knitting mentor. The duo shares more than 30 original designs, accompanied by Ullman's witticisms and Clark's trustworthy advice. The patterns are for chic, sometimes quirky items, such as a Lacy Hug-Me-Tight, a hybrid shrug/shawl with a pretty lace trim; and a Gym Slip Dress reminiscent of a high school uniform but with a panel of ruching at the hem, a lace panel at the waist and ribbing at the bodice. Although beginners may be skeptical of some of the more detailed creations, Ullman and Clark are nothing if not reassuring; says Clark, "There's no mystery to it. No one need feel intimidated." The patterns go beyond clothing for adults and kids; there's also a bath mat, photo frames, a table runner and other home accents. An addendum teaches special techniques, but novices will need the additional help of a primer to take on most of these patterns. Still, knitters sick of scarves and potholders will relish this refreshing and fun guide. Photos. (Oct.)
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